Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Archie Babies

Last year, my editor Paul approached me about a unique and as of then unannounced new comic called "Archie Babies" - everyone's favorite Riverdale posse set in pre-school and written by Mike Kunkel, illustrated by Art Mawhinney. It was a pet project Paul took over for our new president - and the former Sonic the Hedgehog editor who originally hired me. How it would be published (Mini, online, graphic novel?) wasn't quite planned yet and, in fact, the first two issues had already gone through full production... But they were looking for a different approach to the colors, and wanted to know if I was interested.

Absolutely! First, I love the Archie characters. I didn't read them growing up - I was mostly into Sonic and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Adventures Archie published, with Spider-Man and X-Men from Marvel... But these characters are iconic, comic book and American legends. And up until then my only actual Archie-related credits were colors on some stock-art used on the website/conventions/magazines.

Second, I would get to color for Art Mawhinney. This guy was my favorite Sonic the Hedgehog penciler growing up!

All this week, I'll be posting up some of my favorite pages from each chapter. Yep, ultimately Archie Babies was published as Archie Comics' first 100% original graphic novel.

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