Friday, May 4, 2012

Cover Round-Up

Woo! Lotsa' covers I colored for are popping up on news sites and in interviews and things. These books won't be solicited until later this month, but here's a great sneak peek of some New Crusaders and Life with Archie stuff I colored, originally courtesy of ICv2 and USA Today, respectively.
Will share the raw artwork for these after the solicits drop.

Left: Pencils by Ryan Jampole
Right: Artwork by Pat & Tim Kennedy
Bottom: Fernando Ruiz and Bob Smith


  1. What kind of reference material did you use to match the colours for the New Crusaders branch.?Was it provided to you or do you need to do your own research?

    1. It's usually provided, but in this instance the cover was a rush-job: Popped up in my inbox with a turnaround needed in just a couple of hours!

      Since this was also the first time I was getting to color many of the kids in costume I wasn't yet as familiar with their colors as I am now... So I actually Eyedropped alot of their costume colors directly from the promo art Ben Bates produced, then tweaked so everyone fit together.