Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sonic / Mega Man Crossover in 2013

One of the coolest parts about working in the comics biz is that you're privy to super secret announcements like this months in advance... And one of the hardest things is keeping it to yourself for all that time! Comics, man. What an awesome job!

Just a couple days before SDCC 2012 hits and news broke about 2013's epic Sonic the Hedgehog / Mega Man crossover event via USA Today and Kotaku. I think everyone has been anticipating this since it was announced almost two years ago that Mega Man was gonna' be joining the Archie Adventure books. So psyched to see this coming down the pipeline!
(Promo images grabbed from The Mega Man Network, by the way. Best Internet stop for all Mega Man news and awesome-ness!)

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