Monday, February 25, 2013

Catching Up on Covers: Sonic the Hedgehog

Hey guys! Here's a buncha' Sonic the Hedgehog covers I've colored for Archie Comics in the last few months. Hope ya' enjoy!

The cover to Sonic the Hedgehog #246, drawn and inked by Tracy Yardley. It's a Knux versus Thrash smackdown and it's gonna' be epic. Ya' know, when you get a cover as ink heavy as this one - as a colorist you think "Man, the heavy lifting is done for me! This is gonna' be a breeze!" Actually, these are some of the harder images to color, I find. These are cartoony characters, after all - so you gotta' figure out how to make that deep, dark contrast work!
The first cover by our newest penciler on the crew, Lamar Wells. Friggin' love this guy's style. No before/after on this one - all of the elements in this piece were seperate pieces that were rendered and shuffled around. Final placement on the cover is different from this, in fact. Sonic and Mecha Sally are my favorite parts! Cover to Sonic the Hedgehog #247. Inks by Terry Austin.
It's the Sonic/Mega Man crossover we've all been waiting for! Was so pumped when this Patrick "Spaz" Spaziante piece showed up in my queue. Cover to Sonic the Hedgehog #248.
Cover to Sonic Universe #50's landmark issue. This was a pretty fast turnaround for Spaz (pencils/inks) and myself. Much of the great metallic texture on this guy was already there in the inks, so I didn't have to do much. Love that we went with a reference to a scene in the Sonic OVA for the background's color scheme, too!
The cover to Sonic Super Digest #3. Another piece by Lamar, with inks by Kent Archer. Anybody notice that this series uses the original models for these characters (or something close to it)?
Last one! Cover to Sonic Super Special Magazine #7, drawn by Lamar with inks by Gary Martin, celebrating 20 years of Archie Sonic comics! Man, how the time flies! Sonic is on a layer above the background characters. Not sure if the BG art will be used in the 'zine interior art. Hope it is - there's alot of cool details you just can't quite make out in the full cover!

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