Saturday, April 21, 2012

Look Back: Sonic the Hedgehog 227

Hey guys! Since we missed last month, here's a second dose of colorist's retrospective this month with Sonic the Hedgehog #227, the second part of the "Genesis" story arc. This ish spotlights the last few levels of the original Sonic 1 game, and this sequence in the Labyrinth Zone is one of my favorites!
Water effects! How cool are those?? Separating all those bubbles was a pain-in-the-butt... But well worth it, I think. This was also the first ish I worked on after downloading this awesome flatting software, which is a totally must-have for colorists! It has definitely cut down on work time for me!

Speaking of flats, I went with some pretty flat colors underwater - an effect that I would refine more in some later issue of Mega Man.
These were some of the earliest pages I remember seeing in "layout" form when we were gearing up for "Genesis." Truth be told, Patrick's layouts were incredibly detailed - they looked practically like finished pencils! Definitely pick up the "Genesis" hardcover, on sale now - I hear that there are a few "process" extras that show the pages through layouts, pencils, inks/letters and colors!

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