Sunday, June 3, 2012

Life with Archie 22 Cover

A couple months ago my editors at Archie Comics sent me a couple of covers with a rush turnaround time that were a little bit... Out of my wheelhouse? Actually, this wasn't the first time I'd gotten to work with the Archie brand, but I do usually stick to most of our superhero/licensed stuff. So it was really great to be asked to fill in on these!

It was also a chance to try out another colorist's style, too, as these needed to match Tito Pena's color style on previous covers as much as possible. Very fun! I hope I get to do some more of these in the future! (I've already knocked out another special one, actually - but I can't tell ya' anything about it yet. I am super excited for it though!)

(Regular Cover: Pat and Tim Kennedy; Variant Cover: Fernando Ruiz and Bob Smith)

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