Monday, January 23, 2012

The Archie Babies (Part 4)

Holy. Crap. Are you guys seeing just how friggin' adorable this is??

At around the end of 2010, the decision had finally been made that the content produced for the Archie Babies stories would be published as Archie Comics' first 100% all-original graphic novel. Very exciting stuff! So to round out the page-count for that format, a fifth and final story was commissioned - a tad shorter than the rest at only 17 pages - and written by Sonic-and-MegaMan scribe Ian Flynn.

The twist? It was going to read like a children's picture book!

We changed up the character rendering style a bit to fit this new direction and this is where I got to really punch up a softer, more animated background. To really play up the difference between the real world and "imagination pages," everything is really soft and color held on the former while the latter keeps alot more of the black ink on the page for a little heavier, darker "trudging through the jungle" feel. It's so radically different from everything else we've done, it's probably my favorite of the Archie Babies stuff!

And, that's a wrap! Shortly after this I began work full-time on the Mega Man monthly comic book which was quickly approaching its launch back in Spring of 2011. This project definitely holds a special place in my heart and is one of my favorites!

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