Monday, July 25, 2011

Doin' it for the Halolz

I typically do one or two commissioned T-Shirt sketches for Shawn Handyside's Level Up Studios and every year. The first of these was "Wolf Wednesdays." A popular joke on the site is the Star Wolf (from Nintendo's Star Fox) "Can't let you do that..." meme, so this one parodies that - and Starbucks Coffee. Originally, his mug read "I Love Mondays," but Shawn asked that it be changed to Wednesday - the day these memes are usually posted.
This last year, Shawn was looking to revamp his "I've got a Rocket Launcher..." shirts and add a companion "I have a Knife..." based on the popular Team Fortress 2 video games. The design was originally a silhouette, so Shawn wanted something a little closer to the cartoony look feature in the games.

And finally, a little something thrown together for the website the other night.

Sketches only. All digital inking for final products done by Shawn Handyside.

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