Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sonic 221

So every penciler is a little different with how involved they are with the finishing touches of the comic book page. Having worked as a penciler and a colorist, I can remember the relationship I wish I'd had with the rest of my creative team - especially the colorist...

Ben Bates and I touch base before each of his book to go over ideas and notes, and I think the results of that collaboration have been some of the best art printed in the book yet! Ben has a really energetic style that he brings to the interiors and he's willing to try some different things in his pages that I really appreciate - like this half-splash with Ixis Naugus looming over the concert, here. Very anime/poster inspired.

Ben also totally made this concert scene work. Music is pretty much impossible to properly convey in comic book form, but I think this issue came about the closest ever. I wish I could take credit for the awesome musical notes spiraling across the pages, but Ben fully deserves the props for those. He really went above and beyond and this book was stunning! 

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