Friday, December 2, 2011

Sonic the Hedgehog Cover Gallery (Part 5)

Roundin' up some of my most recent cover coloring for the Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Universe books...

The cover to Sonic Universe #36 was designed to be very "movie poster." I think my first pass was pretty bland, and my editor asked me to really punch up the outer space background afterwards - go nuts! I had some experience with these kinds of backgrounds from other freelancing, but I still find outer-space to be equally difficult and fun to render!

The cover to Sonic Universe #37. Woah! So much is happening! This issue marks the debut of a new artist on the SU series, Jamal Peppers. I think this cover is alot of fun, but we did go through about four or more passes trying to focus this piece. For example: The text above the holograms used to read "Eggman's Most Wanted," which was covering up too much detail so we dropped the first part. In-house, there were a couple more changes made before print: The entire background, featuring the Legion undersea boss Akhlut in a fish tank, was dropped out for pitch black and some word baloons were added.
One-and-done. We knocked out the cover to Sonic the Hedgehog #234 in a single pass. I believe this is the cover debut of Sonic penciling veteran James Fry. His unique style made this one alot of fun to color for. This was colored simulatenous to SU#37's cover (above). When coloring back-to-back books, I try to define a unique color scheme to each so that they'll stand out from each other.

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