Monday, January 9, 2012

The Archie Babies (Part 3)

This was technically the last issue of this mini-series, as it was originally planned. When the decision to publish this in graphic novel format was made, a fifth and shorter story was required to round out the page count. But this is another great stand-alone chapter in the book. Not enough single issue stories in comics these days, I think...

Another of the Muppet Babies style imagination sequences which I love so hard - my favorite of them, in fact. You may also notice that in this and the previous chapter that everything is almost always full-bleed now, as opposed to having those nice, cushy white margins along the sides. I kinda' miss 'em, but my guess is that it was a necessary change given the number of panels-per-page this series had.

Another great sequence in this book. These characters really are an ensemble cast and everyone gets a chance to really stand-out in just these 22 page stories! I think my favorites of the gang are Archie himself, Moose, and Jughead.

So, as this was originally conceived as a mini-series that would run in singles, each book featured these really cool activity pages in the back called "Recess Time." They were either just zippy jokes or connect-the-dots, mazes, crosswords, etc. I freakin' loved these parts. It was just something very different to have in a comic! 

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