Friday, January 6, 2012

The Archie Babies (Part 2)

Woah! So, back in October, I'd meant to post up some of my favorite pages from The Archie Babies, Archie Comics' first 100% original graphic novel... Alas, life got in the way and I didn't post much of anything for the rest of 2011! So, to start off 2012 right, how 'bout we fix that?

The "Stubby-Toot" Teacher storyline from the second issue is probably my favorite! It's like something right out of Muppet Babies, complete with hilarious runaway-imagination sequences.

This technically wasn't my first Archie related work - in summer of '09, I cleaned-'n'-colored up alot of character art that's been used on the company website, convention displays, etc. During that, I was given a spreadsheet that actually has every hair, eye, skin, etc. color mixture for every Archie character mapped-out! Came in very handy for this book.

Love this rainy-day scene! This book is hyper-colorful, so it was great to create this kinda' dark-and-dreary scene. The real challenge was to capture that mood and still be colorful enough to fit with the rest of the book, and I think we managed it pretty well.

The rendering in Archie Babies is pretty simple. Kinda' cel-shaded but not quite, since we really don't get very dynamic with the light source. They're either lit from the side or lit from behind, no matter where the source actually is. It was a creative choice at the very start and I think it looks good on the Archie-characters. In the Archie-verse, color has traditionally been much more of a story-telling tool than a place to show off rendering skills. 

The one thing I probably would do differently now would've been to color-hold more of the background elements - really punch up the animated look to the characters. Alas, it would be a creative vision realized much, much later in the book and to much better effect there...

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