Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sonic the Hedgehog Cover Gallery (part 2)

The retrospective continues! This was my first big cover collaboration with penciler Ben Bates. Ben has often put alot of "Easter Eggs" into his interior art - tiny or hidden homages to other pop icon and video game characters or Sonic mythology. This cover was no exception. Check out our little reindeer friend from One Piece over there on the right of the cover! Sadly, he was cropped off in the final pic.

This cover was handed in around November and colored to reflect a fall theme, but my editor Paul reminded me that this issue wouldn't drop until closer to Spring... So we changed up some of the color scheme and the leaves to fit!

It's the evil wizard, Ixis Naugus! Another of those "dark period" covers I talked about... I actually referenced some comic book covers for Marvel's Venom to get the tongue and saliva rendering down!

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