Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sonic the Hedgehog Cover Gallery (part 3)

I was at my local comic book store today and they had brought out a ton of Sonic the Hedgehog back-issues from storage... It was surreal seeing books I read when I was a kid sitting right next to the books that I worked on! I've been on the Sonic books since 2007, but it still hits me every now and again just how cool it is to be working on the very series I collected so passionately as a child.

It's the eve to our big 225th issue! This is another pretty dark cover. Eggman looks creepy as hell here, and that's how I love 'im!  
Technically, not a cover. This is a frontis piece - an introductory page that's a sorta' "Previously on..." lead into our main story. The artist, Jon Gray, I've known for forever. For almost as long as I've known our writer, Ian Flynn. Jon is an incredible talent and a sweet, hilarious man and we've wanted to work together on something for nearly as long as we've known each other. So this piece was very special to me to work on. It was also special to the fans - this was our big "Sonic and Sally, back together!" moment... And Jon had drawn the controversial scene that had broken them up nearly seven years earlier!
Hey, this one looks familiar, right? It was in the very first post I made in this blog. This was the 2011 Sonic Free Comic Book Day cover. Our editor typically tries to get as many freelancers as possible involved in every FCBD issue. Last year I got to color the interiors, and this year I got to do this gorgeous throwback to classic Sonic gaming by the talented Tracy Yardley!

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